15-May-2014: Added ability to validate a MAC code for pre-ordering
10-Feb-2014: Added ability to block/unblock a line in real-time
15-Jan-2014: Added speed test tool (results logged on our server) & ability to view line profile data
6-Jan-2014: Please note that these tools are BETA and being updated over the next 48 hours!
READ-ONLY mode - please use the ticket system to request technical changes to lines

ADSL2 tools

This section is for pre-order line checking

Telephone:     MAC code:    

This section is for orders that are yet to complete


This section is for live (completed) orders

Speed test URL (results logged to server)

Telephone number:




ADVANCED: This section is for blocking a line or changing the profile

vISP Admin username:  
vISP Admin password:

WARNING: It can take around 15 minutes to unblock a line

Telephone number:  

WARNING: Changes to line  profiles can affect stability

Telephone number: